About Me


As a photographer, I feel privileged to be chosen to participate and document your wedding. It was my passion for photography that made me take that huge leap of faith and switch from one profession to another absolutely different one, just for the love of it. I am another run-of-the-mill ex-investment banking researcher in love with the creative, enticing and colorful world of photography. This is why I decided to switch and make my passion my profession, so as to make each day at work the most fun-filled and exciting one ever!

I love to shoot everything that happens in and around the wedding and try and capture the events as they happen, as the story is unveiled, and as the saga called ‘Life’ begins. I work in an informal and unobtrusive way in order to truly capture the atmosphere and tell the story of your day (word of caution: bad jokes are a complimentary part of all our packages).

I like to call myself a storyteller, a self-taught photographer specializing in lifestyle & wedding, kids & infants and events photography.

Though based out of Gurgaon, I travel regularly and extensively for my passion across India.