Maansi & Mudit – Sambhar Lake Jaipur

Take three crazy photographers who convince a gorgeously sporting couple for a shoot at a beautiful location (Sambhar Lake) in the middle of the day! Add to this madness, a very generous dose of passion for getting the best shots and start the shoot preps at 3 AM. And Voila, 10 hours later, wrap up a most exquisite fashion shoot to get deliciously stunning photographs

Don’t believe me? Check out the photographs yourself!

Sambhar Lake 1.jpgSambhar Lake 13-c50.jpgSambhar Lake 14-c23.jpgSambhar Lake 6-c54.jpgSambhar Lake 3.jpgSambhar Lake 9-c67.jpgSambhar Lake 2-c13.jpgSambhar Lake 15-c44.jpgSambhar Lake 5-c77.jpgSambhar Lake 7-c87.jpgSambhar Lake 10-c82.jpgSambhar Lake 11-c8.jpgSambhar Lake 4-c91.jpgSambhar Lake 16-c77.jpgSambhar Lake 8-c49.jpgSambhar Lake 17-c56.jpgSambhar Lake 12-c46.jpg

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