Ritika & Samarth – New Delhi

The wedding of Ritika & Samarth was a feast of hearts I would say. It was a grand gala at the Taj Palace, New Delhi, with lots of lovely memories captured in the frame.

Their wedding was so colourful and not a moment was let to stay silent. And their friends, yes, they did light up the occasion with all the excitement in the world. Do check out the Groomsmen portraits at Reception . Quite a joyful moment to look back. Take a look at the special moments of Ritika & Samarth, compiled for you in this blog.



Ritika Samarth 1.jpgRitika Samarth 2.jpgRitika Samarth 3.jpgRitika Samarth 4.jpgRitika Samarth 5.jpgRitika Samarth 6.jpgRitika Samarth 7.jpgRitika Samarth 11.jpgRitika Samarth 8.jpgRitika Samarth 10.jpgRitika Samarth 9.jpgRitika Samarth 13.jpgRitika Samarth 18.jpgRitika Samarth 20.jpgRitika Samarth 21.jpgRitika Samarth 14.jpgRitika Samarth 16.jpgRitika Samarth 17.jpgRitika Samarth 19.jpgRitika Samarth 22.jpgRitika Samarth 23.jpgRitika Samarth 25.jpgRitika Samarth 27.jpgRitika Samarth 26.jpgRitika Samarth 29.jpgRitika Samarth 30.jpgRitika Samarth 31.jpgRitika Samarth 32.jpgRitika Samarth 33.jpgRitika Samarth 34.jpgRitika Samarth 35.jpgRitika Samarth 36.jpgRitika Samarth 37.jpgRitika Samarth 38.jpgRitika Samarth 39.jpgRitika Samarth 40.jpgRitika Samarth 41.jpgRitika Samarth 42.jpgRitika Samarth 43.jpgRitika Samarth 44.jpgRitika Samarth 45.jpgRitika Samarth 46.jpgRS Reception 17.jpgRS Reception 15.jpgRS Reception 16.jpgRS Reception 8.jpgRS Reception 18.jpgRS Reception 5.jpgRS Reception 6.jpgRS Reception 20.jpgRS Reception 10.jpgRS Reception 11.jpgRS Reception 12.jpgRS Reception 13.jpgRS Reception 14.jpg





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