Himani & Akkshay – Goa

Himani and Akkshay’s wedding day was a gorgeous affair, with the simplest of gestures showing how they honestly felt about each other!

Three amazing days of capturing the wedding celebrations of Himani  and Akkshay, with their festivities guaranteed to be full of style, colour and traditions, tied together perfectly with the love they have for each other –  this Goa wedding promised it all and they certainly did not disappoint! Covering five beautiful events, I could not wait to share all  the special moments that took place between the Himani Bride and her husband Akkshay!

Himani and Akkshay were married in a lovely ceremony with family and friends present, at The Taj Holiday Resort in Goa. Himani was led down the to mandap with saints chanting shlokas. The Bride and Groom then had an intimate yet traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. The marriage is made up of an array of components that symbolizes the couple’s transition to the next stage of their journey together, signifying not just two people together, but the union of two families.

Himani and Akkshay, I would wish you a love that lasts forever, except that it is obvious – you already have it! Thank you for choosing me to share in your wedding day, Me and my team had a fun day capturing every memorable moment as they unfolded, and I hope they take you both right back to your special day every time you have a glimpse of them!


Goa 1.jpgGoa 2.jpgGoa 3.jpgGoa 5.jpgGoa 8.jpgGoa 9.jpgGoa 4.jpgGoa 6.jpgGoa 7.jpgGoa 14.jpgGoa 10.jpgGoa 11.jpgGoa 12.jpgGoa 13.jpgGoa 15.jpgGoa 16.jpgGoa 17.jpgGoa 18.jpgGoa 20.jpgGoa 21.jpgGoa 22.jpgGoa 19.jpgGoa 23.jpgGoa 30.jpgGoa 31.jpgGoa 32.jpgGoa 24.jpgGoa 25.jpgGoa 26.jpgGoa 27.jpgGoa 28.jpgGoa 29.jpgGoa 33.jpgGoa 34.jpgGoa 35.jpgGoa 36.jpgGoa 37.jpgGoa 38.jpgGoa 39.jpgGoa 40.jpgGoa 41.jpgGoa 87.jpgGoa 42.jpgGoa 43.jpgGoa 44.jpgGoa 45.jpgGoa 46.jpgGoa 49.jpgGoa 47.jpgGoa 48.jpgGoa 50.jpgGoa 51.jpgGoa 52.jpgGoa 53.jpgGoa 54.jpgGoa 55.jpgGoa 56.jpgGoa 57.jpgGoa 58.jpgGoa 59.jpgGoa 60.jpgGoa 64.jpgGoa 61.jpgGoa 62.jpgGoa 63.jpgGoa 86.jpgGoa 65.jpgGoa 85.jpgGoa 67.jpgGoa 68.jpgGoa 66.jpgGoa 69.jpgGoa 70.jpgGoa 71.jpgGoa 72.jpgGoa 73.jpgGoa 74.jpgGoa 75.jpgGoa 76.jpgGoa 77.jpgGoa 78.jpgGoa 82.jpgGoa 79.jpgGoa 80.jpgGoa 81.jpgGoa 83.jpgGoa 84.jpg

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