Nivedita & Manmeet – Love Across an Ocean

Great results involve relentless perseverance. Photographs are no exception. Especially in the outdoor couple shoots where we think we have everything figured out from the timing to the composition, the real test begins when the shoot begins. We were lucky enough this time with Nivedita & Aman being so cooperative and patient to get the best shots in the frame. They dazzled and we loved the results.

A love that blossomed abroad, brought two people from worlds apart( in true sense) together, this is the shortest story of them and their love.  Let us know what you think.

Nivedita Aman Pre Wedding 1.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 2.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 3.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 4.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 9.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 12.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 7.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 5.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 8.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 6.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 11.jpgNivedita Aman Pre Wedding 10.jpg

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