Kriti & Sahil – Lodhi Art District

Kriti and Sahil’s wedding spanned multiple days in New Delhi and it all started with this gorgeous couple shoot. They wanted to capture some images in the beautiful Lodhi Art District area of the city. Lodhi Art District is an initiative of St+art which is turning New Delhi’s walls into canvases and we didn’t want to miss this opportunity and could not have had a better day to do so. We were fortunate enough to get some time at the Inland Container Depot where beautiful murals have been created by Artists from across the Globe. It was a beautiful day, and they both were radiating excitement, just waiting for their wedding events to begin.  I love how happy they make each other, I mean you can just tell, look at their smiles…enjoy my favourites!

Sahil Kriti 1.jpgSahil Kriti 2.jpgSahil Kriti 5.jpgSahil Kriti 6.jpgSahil Kriti 3.jpgSahil Kriti 4.jpgSahil Kriti 7.jpgSahil Kriti 12.jpgSahil Kriti 13.jpgSahil Kriti 11.jpgSahil Kriti 10.jpgSahil Kriti 14.jpgSahil Kriti 9.jpgSahil Kriti 8.jpgSahil Kriti 15.jpgSahil Kriti 17.jpgSahil Kriti 16.jpg

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  1. Poonam February 26, 2016 at 11:43 am #

    Beautiful candid shots! Georgeous couple!!!

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