Shreshtha & Kanishka – New Delhi

Colors are all that I remember from the wedding of Shreshtha and Kanishka. With a couple as charming as them, it is only natural to stay amazed with the moment. I had a wonderful time shooting their big day. The mood on the whole was festive, as the big day saw the family and friends getting together and rejoicing the occasion. From the décor to the dancing moments, everything seemed in place and it was a treat to run around and capture the memories.  Here is a scoop of happiness for you to take a look. Live the joy!



KS Mehndi 1.jpgKS Mehndi 5.jpgKS Mehndi 4.jpgKS Mehndi 2-c75.jpgKS Mehndi 8.jpgKS Mehndi 9.jpgKS Mehndi 21.jpgKS Mehndi 22.jpgKS Mehndi 25.jpgKS Mehndi 26.jpgKS Mehndi 27.jpgkanishka 1.jpgkanishka 3.jpgkanishka 6.jpgkanishka 4.jpgkanishka 5.jpgkanishka 9.jpgkanishka 10.jpgkanishka 8.jpgkanishka 13.jpgkanishka 16.jpgkanishka 17.jpgkanishka 53.jpgkanishka 18.jpgkanishka 19.jpgkanishka 20.jpgkanishka 23.jpgkanishka 24.jpgkanishka 25.jpgkanishka 9-c42.jpgkanishka 33.jpgkanishka 7.jpgkanishka 8-c26.jpgkanishka 36.jpgkanishka 37.jpgkanishka 48.jpgkanishka 47.jpgkanishka 39.jpgkanishka 38.jpgkanishka 40.jpgkanishka 41.jpgKS Wedding-456.jpgkanishka 44.jpgkanishka 28.jpgkanishka 27.jpgkanishka 55.jpgKS Wedding-803.jpgkanishka 58.jpgkanishka 59.jpgkanishka 61.jpgkanishka 62.jpgkanishka 60.jpgkanishka 65.jpgkanishka 66.jpgkanishka 67.jpg

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