Namrata & Mainak – Dilli 6

The poetic love of Namrata & Mainak stood out colourful, on the streets and by lanes of Chandni Chowk. The groom, Mainak, was calm and composed. He was a laid-back gamer who loved to be left alone, whereas on the other hand, Namrata, the bride was an expressive and an outspoken person. Naturally, the chemistry came together well and we must say, we are looking forward to shoot their big day.  Enough said, I can’t wait for you to scroll and feel the love in the signature clicks compiled below.

N M Blog 1.jpgN M Blog 2.jpgN M Blog 3.jpgN M Blog 7.jpgN M Blog 4.jpgN M Blog 13.jpgN M Blog 5.jpgN M Blog 9.jpgN M Blog 6.jpgN M Blog 12.jpgN M Blog 8.jpgN M Blog 11.jpgN M Blog 10.jpgN M Blog 14.jpg

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