Resham & Pankul – Tikli Bottom


Can’t get enough of these two Lovebirds. I have the best of times when a date-turned-shoot-outing-turned-fun-evening turns into a memorable day away from the craziness & rush of the city.

Style comes effortlessly to some people. They are one such couple. Resham is a style focused ever smiling, cheerful girl and Pankul the groom-to-be was the perfect Gentleman. The few hours I spent with them – goes to show how passionate these two are. Kudos! I feel blessed to get to meet such wonderful people and to get to capture a few moments of Love in their lives.

Do check out the video at the end of the Post. 🙂

Resham Pankul 1.jpgResham Pankul 3.jpgResham Pankul 2.jpgResham Pankul 4.jpgResham Pankul 5.jpgResham Pankul 9.jpgResham Pankul 6.jpgResham Pankul 15.jpgResham Pankul 7.jpgResham Pankul 8.jpgResham Pankul 11.jpgResham Pankul 12.jpgResham Pankul 10.jpgResham Pankul 13.jpgResham Pankul 14.jpgResham Pankul 16.jpgResham Pankul 17.jpgResham Pankul 18.jpgResham Pankul 19.jpgResham Pankul 20.jpgResham Pankul 21.jpgResham Pankul 22.jpgResham Pankul 23-c75.jpgResham Pankul 26-c9.jpgResham Pankul 24.jpgResham Pankul 25.jpgResham Pankul 27.jpgResham Pankul 28.jpgResham Pankul 29.jpg


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