Radhika & Jeff – New Delhi

They met through common friends , and while they both lived in two different countries they decided to keep in touch. As they say love knows no boundaries !

Radhika  Jeff 1.jpgRadhika  Jeff 16.jpgRadhika  Jeff 37.jpgRadhika  Jeff 14.jpgRadhika  Jeff 39.jpgRadhika  Jeff 15.jpgRadhika  Jeff 32.jpgRadhika  Jeff 17.jpgRadhika  Jeff 18.jpgRadhika  Jeff 33.jpgRadhika  Jeff 19.jpgRadhika  Jeff 2.jpgRadhika  Jeff 20.jpgRadhika  Jeff 10.jpgRadhika  Jeff 8.jpgRadhika Jeff 4.jpgRadhika  Jeff 3.jpgRadhika  Jeff 5.jpgRadhika  Jeff 6.jpgRadhika  Jeff 34.jpgRadhika  Jeff 7.jpgRadhika  Jeff 21.jpgRadhika  Jeff 12.jpgRadhika  Jeff 13.jpgRadhika  Jeff 22.jpgRadhika  Jeff 11.jpgRadhika  Jeff 28.jpgRadhika  Jeff 9.jpg

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